From the insert to the book:

          Love life of the most beautiful woman of the Seventeenth Century…  The Friend, Companion, Confidante and Intimate of Queens, Cardinals, Princes, Noblemen, Cavaliers, Great Warriors, Sages and Philosophers.
          Eighty Years’ Secret History of the Court of Versailles, Under Anne of Austria, Louis XIII, and Madam de Maintenon.
          Modern Society and the Social Relations of the Twentieth Century Prefigured…  Letters that Reveal the Heart, Love, Character, Secret Aspirations and Longings of Women, Written by one of Their Sex Whose beauty was the Wonder, Admiration and Attraction in Paris for Seventy‑five years.
          Life, Letters and Epicurean Philosophy of Ninon de l’Enclos
          The gift of perpetual beauty way bestowed upon Ninon de l’Enclos by a “Noctambule,” or a little black man, and for nearly 80 years she was the rage in Paris, her charms influencing the most distinguished men of the period, including Cardinal Richelieu, the great Condé, La Rochefoucauld, Molière, Voltaire, and a host of others.
          The book relates her experience and biographical anecdotes of great men whose hearts she captured.
          Also her celebrated letters to Marquis de Sévigné, recognized models of elegance and standards on the subject of love and the female heart.
          Added is the hereto comparatively unknown correspondence between Mademoiselle de l’Enclos and Saint-Evremont, the sage, when both had passed the age of eighty years.  The letter of Saint Evremont to the modern Leontium, is a remarkable delineation of the trend of modern society.  Written more than two hundred years ago, and the philosophy of Epicurus and with its modern adaptation according to the principles and practices of Ninon de l’Enclos.
          Complete to one volume with elegant portrait; 384 pages printed on tine wove paper, bound to vellum deluxe
          Ninon de l’Enclos


          UNIVERSAL ENCYCLOPAEDIAS “she was beautiful and spirited.  She was indispensable for all young men of both wealth and elegant manners.  Ladies of the highest position and of the finest education crowded to her salon, and for fifty years her social position was brilliant.  One admirer followed the other in rapid succession, and this life went on uninterruptedly for more than half a century.”

          CHAMBERS’ ENCYCLOPAEDIA: “Among her admirers were the most distinguished men of France.  The most respectable women sent their children to her house to acquire taste, style and politeness.  La Rochefoucauld consulted her upon his maxims, Molière upon his comedies, and Scarron upon his romances.  So great was her reputation that when Queen Christine of Sweden came to Paris she said she wished particularly to see the French Academy and Ninon de l’Enclos.”

          ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA: “The best of all introductions for a young man who wished to make a figure in society was an introduction to Mademoiselle de l’Enclos.”

          COUNTESS OP ROCHESTER: “Mademoiselle de l’Enclos has more genuine spirit and true merit than all the women of France put together.”

          SAINT EVREMONT: “She is an honest man.   Nature created in her soul the pleasures of Epicurus and the virtues of Cato.”

          BLACKIES’ MODERN ENCYCLOPAEDIA: “Cardinal Richelieu was her first admirer.”

          Complete in one volume with elegant portrait; 384 page printed on fine wove paper, bound in vellum deluxe


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