Ninon de l'Enclos - Letters to the Marquis de Sιvignι

I – A Hazardous Undertaking
II – Why Love Is Dangerous
III – Why Love Grows Cold
IV – The Spice of Love
V – Love and Temper
VI – Certain Maxims Concerning Love
VII – Women Expect a Quid Pro Quo from Men
VIII – The Necessity for Love and Its Primitive Cause
IX – Love Is a Natural Inclination
X – The Sensation of Love Forms a Large Part of a Woman’s Nature
XI – The Distinction Between Love and Friendship
XII – A Man in Love Is an Amusing Spectacle
XIII – Vanity Is a Fertile Soil for Love
XIV – Worth and Merit Are Not Considered in Love
XV – The Hidden Motives of Love
XVI – How to Be Victorious in Love
XVII – Women Understand the Difference Between Real Love and Flirtation
XVIII – When a Woman Is Loved She Need Not Be Told of It
XIX – Why a Lover’s Vows Are Untrustworthy
XX – The Half-way House to Love
XXI – The Comedy of Contrariness
XXII – Vanity and Self-Esteem Obstacles to Love
XXIII – Two Irreconcilable Passions in Woman
XXIV – An Abuse of Credulity Is Intolerable
XXV – Why Virtue Is So Often Overcome
XXVI – Love Demands Freedom of Action
XXVII – The Heart Needs Constant Employment
XXVIII – Mere Beauty Is Often of Trifling Importance
XXIX – The Misfortune of Too Sudden an Avowal
XXX – When Resistance is Only a Pretence
XXXI – The Opinion and Advice of Monsieur de la Sabliθre
XXXII – The Advantages of a Knowledge of the Heart
XXXIII – A Heart Once Wounded no Longer Plays with Love
XXXIV – Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
XXXV – The Heart Should Be Played Upon Like the Keys of a Piano
XXXVI – Mistaken Impressions Common to All Women
XXXVII – The Allurements of Stage Women
XXXVIII – Varieties of Resistance Are Essential
XXXIX – The True Value of Compliments Among Women
XL – Oratory and Fine Phrases Do Not Breed Love
XLI – Discretion Is Sometimes the Better Part of Valor
XLII – Surface Indications in Women Are Not Always Guides
XLIII – Women Demand Respect
XLIV – Why Love Grows Weak – Marshal de Saint-Evremond’s Opinion
XLV – What Favors Men Consider Faults
XLVI – Why Inconstancy Is Not Injustice
XLVII – Cause of Quarrels Among Rivals
XLVIII – Friendship Must Be Firm
XLIX – Constancy Is a Virtue Among Narrow Minded
L – Some Women Are Very Cunning
LI – The Parts Men and Women Play
LII – Love Is a Traitor with Sharp Claws
LIII – Old Age Not a Preventive Against Attack
LIV – A Shrewd But Not an Unusual Scheme
LV – A Happy Ending

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