Dangerous Emotion

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          Love is a dangerous emotion.  It is like a two edged sword.  If you allow yourself to wield it, it will cut through the shielding of numbness around your heart and let you see the beauty and joy in the everyday as well as extraordinary things.  But as it cuts through the shielding, it also reveals the dark side of the heart.  Out pour dependency, jealousy, anger, and fear of loss.  Taking hold of this sword we are truly more alive, but we are often not prepared for the force and wildness that life really is.  So we are faced with the dilemma of stepping out into a world that is frightening in its power and ferocity, or remaining caged in a half-death of control and numbness.  Do we stay in our shelter of emotional shields after having been abused and battered too many times, or do we dare to step out, again, into the potentially wonderful storm?


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