The egosphere

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        Do we live in a world that has been taken over by our egos? Have they hijacked the rest of our beings—our genes, bodies, emotions, sense of belonging, even our spiritual heights—and directed all their energies toward the growth, survival, and reproduction of just our egos? Are we only competing to see who can have the biggest “I,” the most entitled self? Do we work, destroy our bodies, suppress our emotions, sacrifice our bonds of affection and loyalty, and sell our very souls to gain as much fame, power, and importance as we can? I fear that modern society has become a Darwinian competition for the survival of the fittest egos. While the rest of organic life on this planet lives in an ecosphere, we may be best described as living in an egosphere. I should hope that this is not the height of cultural evolution—that we may learn to interact more nobly, and strive toward higher ideals—but I fear we live in the age of the ego: a disconnected and hollow age, with antisocial trends that threaten our survival.


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