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Please protect me, like a father.
I am small. I want to be held.
No, don't! Please, that hurts!

I want to jump into your arms,
But instead my jaws unhinge,
My claws spring forward.
I may still be small,
But as a leopard, I fly toward your neck,
And embrace you in a deathly hug.
Instinctively, I devour a chunk of your neck.

You now lie on the ground,
And all I can do is lick the fatal wound,
And feel like vomiting the tissue
Of your vessels, your throat, your muscles;
Forlorn, a lost cub.

This was buried.
Not really your fault, not mine,
And I am sorry,
Not being able to face the ugly reality,
I could not forgive you earlier,
And love you more.

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